HABIB FAYE (Senegal / legendary african bass player)

Habib Faye - Senegal - Legendary African bass player - basse afrique

HABIB FAYE is a bassist, keyboardist, composer and grammy-nominated producer from Senegal. He is mostly known as the musical director for Youssou N’dour’s Super Étoile de Dakar. He is one of the most talented African bassists of the last quarter century.

HABIB FAYE has been playing the bass and producing music for Super Etoile since 1984 or earlier. He is believed to have picked up the bass at age 13, but started his musical exploration at age 9, thanks to his older brother, Vieux Mac Faye, who is an accomplished guitarist himself. His other brothers are musicians as well. Lamine Faye is one of Senegal’s most popular and respected guitar players, and for a long time was a member of Super Diamono, before he left to form his own band, Lemzo Diamono, in 1991. Adama Faye, who died in 2005, is regarded as one of the pioneers of keyboard playing in Senegal. He was one of the founding members of Super Diamono and also played keys for Super Etoile back in the 80’s. The Faye brothers are, in many ways, very similar to the Wooten brothers, although they never formed a band.

In Senegal, HABIB FAYE is regarded as a true genius as he has taken the bass to a completely new level in this West African nation. He is one of bass players in Senegal that brought the bass to the forefront and made it an instrument to be reckoned with. The song Bekoor, from Youssou N’Dour’s 1984 album Badou, is a reference for many Senegalese bassists. He has produced virtually every Youssou N’Dour album since 1984, including the acclaimed 1994 The Guide. In addition to having years of gigging under his belt, producing and touring with Super Étoile, he has been involved in many musical projects in Senegal, working with local artists. The latest is Abdou Guité Seck, Wock’s former vocalist, who is now pursuing a solo career. His latest album is slated for release later this year.